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Our coffee is roasted in a gentle drum roasting process.
Experience how really good low-acid coffee tastes.

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Tradition at Lake Constance

About us

Black Label Coffee stands for exclusive and particularly low-acid coffee specialties
are roasted fresh for you every day. Our coffee beans are fair trade and will
roasted in a gentle drum roasting process in a family roastery on Lake Constance.
Convince yourself of our high-quality coffee beans and experience how really good
low-acid coffee tastes good.

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Our gentle long-term process

The roast

We love delicious coffee that has almost no acidity, which is why we have developed a particularly gentle and traditional drum roasting process that removes additional acidity from the coffee beans and brings out the aromas to their fullest.

Our master roaster is a true artist who understands his craft like no other. He has been awarded gold several times by the German Roasters' Guild for his delicious coffees. Our high-quality coffee beans are all lovingly sorted by hand and carefully examined for breaks.

Perhaps you have already noticed that our beans have hardly any irregularities or breaks? This is due to the careful quality control that each batch goes through.