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Try our delicious and absolutely low-acid premium coffee beans

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No. 1 for low-acid coffee specialties

If you would like to enjoy exclusive, low-acid coffee , our small but carefully selected range offers the ideal conditions for you to be able to prepare tasty creations at home. Discover our delicious premium coffee beans today. Our motto is: Low-acid top coffees in perfection , because quality is our priority!

Caution: "Our coffees are very addictive, after the first sip you won't want to drink anything else"

This is what we stand for:

✔ 100% low-acid coffee specialties

✔ Freshly roasted coffee beans

✔ Top class specialty coffee

✔ Convenient coffee subscription model

✔ Very fast DHL shipping

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Why Black Label Coffee?

We love delicious coffee that has almost no acidity, which is why we have developed a particularly gentle and traditional drum roasting process that removes additional acidity from the coffee beans and brings out the aromas to their full advantage . Our master roaster is a true artist who understands his craft like no other. He has received multiple gold awards from the German Roasters' Guild for his coffees. Our high-quality coffee beans are all lovingly sorted by hand and carefully examined for breaks . Perhaps you have already noticed that our beans have hardly any irregularities or breaks? This is due to the meticulous quality control that each batch goes through.

What are you waiting for?

Our coffees at a glance

Malabar Arabica "The Lowest Acid"

Extremely low in acid and yet highly aromatic in taste, that is what makes our Malabar Arabica so special. Whether drunk as coffee, cappuccino or espresso, these beans are absolutely flexible and extremely good-natured. When prepared correctly, the Malabar rewards you with an incredibly rich crema . The first sip spoils your taste buds with aromas of dark chocolate and nougat , in the finish you will perceive fine nuances of sandalwood .

The unique storage during the maturing process removes a lot of acid from the coffee beans, which is why our Malabar Arabica is very mild and extremely low in acid. It is therefore an ideal companion for the whole day and is just as effective in fully automatic coffee machines as it is in portafilter machines and stovetop pots.

Peruana mocha "The wake-up call"

Our Peruana Mokka comes with an intense aroma and full body and makes you more awake with every sip. This blend not only convinces as an extremely strong , chocolaty espresso , but is also a great partner in coffee specialties with milk. In the preparation you will experience fairly tolerant espresso beans, which always deliver a wonderful crema . This coffee is also very low in acid.

The Peruana Mokka is in particularly good hands in a portafilter machine . This blend also gives you fantastic coffee experiences in a fully automatic coffee machine or with a classic stovetop pot . All of our espresso beans are freshly roasted in a gentle drum roasting process in the roastery we trust, and come in practical, resealable packaging with an aroma valve .

Natural Uganda "The Strong"

Our Premium Natural Uganda made from Canephora-Robusta coffee beans is characterized by a harmonious taste of nougat and hints of ripe berries , it contains a high degree of sweetness , it is creamy and absolutely low in acid. In addition, this variety contains a very high caffeine content . Compared to Arabica beans, this Robusta coffee contains 3 times the amount of caffeine , the start in the morning is secured.

This special Canephora coffee grows in the southwestern part of Uganda. The farmers of the Ankole Coffee Producers Cooperative Union Ltd. work passionately and are committed to natural organic farming methods.

Natural Ethiopia "The Fruity"

Our naturally prepared and sun-dried Natural Ethiopia is gently processed in order to bring out the fruity aromas. 100% Arabica coffee beans ensure a pronounced body, exotic fruits, brown sugar. This top coffee is also absolutely low in acid. You can taste a light citrus note, which should not be confused with acidity.

Our coffee was developed to ensure a nice crema and a delicious finish . You use this coffee best as a filter coffee , French press or aero press . Have fun preparing.