Our freshness promise 19.Feb.2020

Our freshness promise

The perfect tasteAnd the optimal qualityA cup of coffee is largely based on the condition of the beans that are used for this. Our special low -acid coffee beans are the basis for both delicious Cappuccini and Latte art And other coffee specialties.

The problem is Although coffee beans (especially for espresso) are a product in which theFreshis, they oftennot treated accordingly. Most coffee buyers have been conditioned to have only the best -before date. Most of them are not even aware that the time of roasting could play a role.

The beans do not develop their entire aroma directly during the roasting process, but then need some time. Only about about two up to three weeksafterRoastingHas a coffeeTaste potentialreached. Really roasted coffee tastes less aromatic.

As we all know, fresh coffee is Pleasure experiencewho can enchant the senses. However, coffee that is above the best before date is still suitable for drinking, but there should not be much to be expected in terms of taste. Therefore one should always be on Roasting date orientate if it was noted on the packaging, as with our Black label coffee.

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