The origin & storage of the coffee 25.Feb.2020

The origin & storage of the coffee

Unlike discounters and Co.We great value on it, our customers with qualitativeHigh quality coffee beansto supply. These are, for example, the perfect basis for delicious coffee specialties such as cappuccino, latte macchiato or different Cold coffee recipes.

Our coffee beans come from India, Peru, Ethiopia and Java. The coffee beans are always freshly roasted, we attach great importance to it, because with us the freshness and quality stands in the absolute foreground. We focus ontransparent And provide each individual coffee pack with the best before date and roast date. Selected beans and special workmanship brings in addition to excellent taste but also pronounced Gastroke -friendly coffee worries out.

When storing your own four walls, you have it in your hand - here you can do a lot to do it so that the coffee tastes as long as possible. Abig mistakethat many do is thatPourin a can. The beans come into contact with oxygen over a large area. So it is better to just in theOriginal packagingto leave. If this is not closed again, it is best to use an airtight snack on clip to close. The pack should be closed as close as possible to the beans so that oxygen has no chance

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